Belle Chic Boutique Sales


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A lot of you know that I have two different websites that I sell on. One being my own personal website,, and the other being The Craftstar, I have had both websites for roughly almost 2 years now, and I’ll admit it, sales could be better on both. However, my way of thinking is the more that I list on both, then someone is bound to find it, so I try to list as much as I can. Now, granted, I do get tired of listing stuff, so at least try to list a couple times throughout the week, and if I’m not listing, then I’m editing.

Anyway, I’m now spiraling WAY off track. Back to the Craftstar. This is a website that is similar to Etsy, because it features all handmade artists, however, does not allow any of the resellers that have come to pollute Etsy. The Craftstar is fairly new as well, being only 2 years old since their inception I believe, and while they are smaller than the Etsy community right now, they offer their artists A LOT more in my opinion. As an artist, we have the opportunity to partake in their Live Youtube Webcasts each week and do live sales. I did one of these for Black Friday, and would like to do more, maybe after life settles down in the next month. They are also starting to do Facebook Auctions, which I am definitely interested in doing. Then recently, at the end of June, I was approached by the founder of The Craftstar, Bethan Davies, to participate in their newest promotion. They have partnered with to provide their artists an extra selling avenue. I doubt Etsy does that.


BelleChic chooses various artists and then promotes some of their items during a week long sale. I have been selected for some of my Steampunk Items this week, showcasing my Charming Skeleton Key Earrings, and my Gearhead Charm Earrings. So far, I’ve sold a few pairs, which is always awesome, and I’m being promoted to a vast audience, through Facebook and email.  Just to give you an idea of whats on sale this week, here are my earrings.

For 14.99 plus free shipping, the Charming Skeleton Key Earrings in Antique Silver . . .


For 19.99 and free shipping,Gearhead Charm Earrings in Antique Bronze

2 - IMG_2993

For 19.99 plus free shipping, Gearhead Charm Earrings in Silver

1 - IMG_2989I shall keep you all informed of the next sale I’m featured in, but for now, Ciao 🙂


Social Media Presence and Me


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Technology is everywhere.  Computers, tablets, cellphones, phablets, video gaming systems.  Everyone is connected to something or other at any given hour of any day.  I live on the computer.  It is one of my worst nightmares that my computer will crash, so I backup fairly regularly.  I love my iPhone.  Another nightmare that I will lose it, drop it in water, or drop it on the cement and it will shatter.  Not awesome.  My tablet is eh . . .  I want a better one, so not too worried about that, since my almost 7 year old daughter uses that more than I do.  If I get one, it will be an iPad or Samsung.  But I’m getting off subject.  In this day in age, when everyone is so connected, there are expectations to be met, whether they are consciously realized or not.

I started using the internet my freshman year of college, so in 1996-97. At that point in time, the internet was still pretty new. The college computers had Netscape on them, and some rustic form of email. We didn’t have access to it at my house until we bought a new computer, and that was my introduction to AOL. I was always on AOL, so much to the point that I was probably addicted to it. I was introduced to the world of instant messaging and chatrooms. It was from one of those chatrooms that I met my husband, but thats another story.

Cut to today. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Youtube, and a few others I know are out there but can’t think of this early in the morn. As an artist and small business woman, I feel it is expected of me to be on all of these. Am I? No. I am on the first five, and only 2 of those regularly (Facebook and Pinterest). I am trying to force myself to tweet more often, but simply cannot always say what I want to say in the allotted 140 characters. Google+ simply baffles me at the moment, having been on Facebook since pretty much the beginning, I absolutely cannot figure it out. Instagram is one that I should be using all the time as well, especially since I am always, ALWAYS taking pictures of random stuff, pretty flowers, pretty clouds, trees, not to mention my jewelry all the time. That one I can be more of a presence on, I just have to remember to open the app up.

On Facebook, I post regularly, probably more than normal, probably to the point of accidentally spamming some days (like today, since one of my items is currently on sale). And then, other days, if nothing is happening, obviously I won’t post. I try to keep things that I post related to either my jewelry style, jewelry influence, or to myself as an artist.  That being said, I am finding it is harder and harder to get Page Likes on Facebook.

I am on Pinterest about as much as I am on Facebook.  I LOVELOVELOVE it.  I am a pinning fiend.  I no longer go to Google if I need to know something useful, I Pinterest it first.  If they don’t have a tutorial or DIY, then I Youtube, then Google.  The DIY and tutorials are my ABSOLUTE favorites.  And old vintage photos, and photography.  Like I said, a pinning fiend.  When it comes to pinning my own items, I usually do that after I’ve updated my websites.  Its just easier for me to do it that way, all at once.

And lastly, Youtube.  Something I am always on, although I only have one video myself (hopefully that will be changing in the future, I have a few new ideas . . .)  Since I have been teaching myself more and more wire wrapping techniques, I’ve been on Youtube researching different methods and techniques, and also just trying to keep up with one of my supplier’s (Bsueboutiques) channels.  I always benefit from her videos, even though I can’t always afford ot order what I really want to order from her.  Hopefully in the fall (after my regular job at the school starts up again and I have a show or two again) . . .

For now, let me just leave you with a few links to find me on the web . . .  After all, the more followers I have, the better I am about posting, so please come and join me 🙂

My Website

The Craftstar:






Horrible Horrible Horrible . . .


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I am a horrible person.  In this day in age, when everyone is expected to blog, I am hideous.  See what I mean? It’s almost been a year since I’ve posted anything on the blog, just because life gets in the way and I get too distracted or busy to remember to post. I am the world’s worst blogger.  That being said, C’est La Vie . . .  All I can do is promise to try and do better.  So I promise.  Because I’ve come to realize, part of my online presence now requires me to blog.  And make viral videos (does watching them all the time count?), post to Pinterest (that one I’m pretty good about), post to Facebook (I live there, I’m pretty sure I do) and tweet (I don’t tweet well, I’m too long winded for only 140 characters, but I’m trying to be better with that too . . .)

Anyway, here are some new things I’ve been working on, although they are not all on my websites yet ( and  I’ve started more advanced wire working with my designs, specifically wire wrapped chandelier earrings, making wire wrapped button rings, beaded rings, and bird’s nest rings, wire ear cuffs and toe rings, and saving money (although not my wrists) by making all of my own headpins and eyepins.  At a later point in the next few days, I will showcase some of the different style earwires I offer as well, since I’ve had a few questions regarding those.  Anyway, here are some new designs 🙂

Twilight Fairy Flower Chandelier Earrings in Antique Copper


Blue Raspberry Fairy Flower Chandelier Earrings in Antique Copper . . .

Twilight Fairy Flower Chandelier Earrings in Antique Copper Blue Raspberry Fairy Flower Chandelier Earrings in Antique Copper

Wild Rose Beaded Drop Earrings Antique Bronze, Elvish Style


Morning Glory Beaded Drop Earrings in Bright Silver, Elvish Style . . .

Wild Rose Fairy Flower Beaded Drop Earrings in Antique Bronze Morning Glory Beaded Drop earrings in Bright Silver

Wired Adjustable Ear Cuffs . . .

Wired Sweeping Scrolled Ear Cuff in Bright Copper Wired Ear Cuff/Ear Vine in Bright Copper

Wired Adjustable Toe Rings . . .

Wired Emerald Green Toe Ring in Bright Copper Wired Silver Birthstone Toe Rings

And some more Steampunk designs to be showcased in a later post this week 🙂  So that will be it for now, and I promise to be better about posting 🙂  More posts means more followers, which means more Likes on Facebook 🙂  Cheers 🙂

My BLUE Heaven. . .


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Yes, I know its been quite awhile since I’ve posted, and I’ll admit it, I honestly suck at blogging for that reason alone.  That being said,  however,  I’ll give you the lowdown on what I’ve been doing these past few months.  Working on Youtube videos (slow, I stalled on that as well), busy coming up with new earring designs, dyeing up new flowers, going to Disneyland and takes Izzie for the first time (AWESOME and EXHAUSTING), and again,  dyeing up more flowers, and a few shows.

Now, going back to the dyeing thing… I have been hand dyeing my lucite flower beads for nearly 3 years now.  I was able to achieve brigh reds and oranges, bright yellows, vibrant purples,  warm browns,  and dark DARK greens.  However, I was never able to dye one of my most favorite colors.  Blue.  I tried amd tried and tried.   I bought multiple dyes and tried to concentrate it,  hoping that would work.   Nope. I finally realized the only way I would be able to get any blues,  I would have to overdye them.  That was ok for awhile, but I get bored VERY easily.  I wanted new color combinations.  Finally, last week I went to my local JoAnn’s, and they had new dye.  Dye designed for synthetics.

I picked up a packet of blue,  and went home to try it.   I did a little bit of research to see if anyone had used the dye for what I intended, and surprisingly, NO.  At least not that I could find on the web.  I decided to start small, which is what I generally do when trying out any new color, dye, etc.  I boiled my water, added my blue dye, and 2 flower beads that I rarely use.  I let them sit for a few mins, then took them out, and rinsed them off.  INTENSE ROYAL BLUE, so intense it borders on royal purple.  I danced around my kitchen, and for those of you that know me, I DON’T DANCE!!!  I hooted, I hollered, I alarmed my daughter Izzie, who came running in to see what was wrong.  When I told her I had achieved blue, she danced with me.  Its funny, because as she is growing up, she is becoming more critical of my designs, but she apparently loved the blue flowers, because she said, “Those are so beautiful Mom.”  After 3 years of trying, I finally had blue . . .  New doors have opened for me 🙂

Here is a picture of the initial set of flowers that I dyed, then overpainted with an iridescent sheen.  More blues can now be seen on my website, and on facebook, 🙂

Morning Glory Fairy Flower Drop Earrings in Antique Copper

Morning Glory Fairy Flower Drop earrings in Antique Copper

Morning Glory Fairy Flower Trumpet Cascade Earrings in Silver

Morning Glory Fairy Flower Trumpet Cascade Earrings in Silver

Cheers for now 🙂


Shes-A-Belle Designs Handmade Victorian and Steampunk Jewelry Sampler, High Definition


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A sampling of my handmade Victorian and Steampunk Inspired jewelry. Find me online at,,, AND PLEASE like my Facebook page at Thanks so much 🙂

Fuzzy Headed Ramblings . . .


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Ok, let me forewarn you.  I don’t know how much of this will make sense, and I don’t do cold meds well at all, so if I ramble on and on and on . . .  well, you get the idea 🙂  Me and Izzie (my 5 year old daughter) have both been battling hellacious colds for the past few days, and it seems that the older I get, the harder they hit me.  Anyway, amidst all of that, I managed to make my first ever YouTube video, showcasing some of my different designs.  I worked so hard on that, and think I will leave it alone, even though I’ve noticed that a few pics are still not edited properly, and had some criticism, about the font, but I feel that customers potentially need to know what the name of the piece is.  For now, the font stays.
Heres the link to the video in HD.

I also turned out some new rings, but they’re not quite finished yet, and 3 new necklace sets, and one for myself for Valentine’s day.  Heres the pics of those.  All are on 28″ chains, so they are longer necklaces 🙂  12  2-1

I’m going to be making up some more necklaces this weekend probably, and also have some plans for some steampunk earrings on the way as well.  I think thats about it for right now 🙂  Check out the video if you haven’t yet, and  stay tuned for more updates 🙂

January Creative Challenge for B’Sue Boutiques Creative Group


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So, I know its been about a week or two since I posted last, but I’ve been pretty busy, on top of having bronchitis (which I’m always sick with, starting before Christmas and going until who knows when . . .)  Anyway, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve recently joined a creative group on Facebook that is hosted by one of my two favorite suppliers.  I have learned so much from her, she is B’Sue from B’Sue Boutiques in Ohio, and I am always tuning in every Sunday on Youtube to see if shes uploaded a new techniques video 🙂  She is awesome, funny, entertaining, and an awesome jewelry designer/artist.  If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been coming up with some of my ideas for necklaces and bracelets lately, its through her, and her creative group.

Now, each month she provides a challenge for the Creative Group, to see what her followers come up with.  Since this is my first month with her, I was eager to provide my take on it.  The guidelines were simple:  Design something with the colors Nectarine, Aqua/Teal, and Chocolate.  Well, for me, this was fairly simple, since I already had a lot of flowers dyed up in most of these colors, or, at least, what I would construe as these colors 🙂  I also had just found some coin charms in some of my supplies, and figured I would throw those in, and do a charmed flower necklace.  Unfortunately, right now, I’m running low on A LOT of my charms, but I was able to find some of the charms B’Sue sends whenever I place an order.  I got to work, digging out my flowers, antique brass findings, and started to patina certain things, while leaving others alone.  Once I had everything put together, this is what I had . . .


Now, as to whether or not I’m going to list this on the my website at, or keep this for shows is another matter entirely . . .  Right now, I’m leaning more to keeping it for shows, so if you come to my shows, look for it 🙂 

Fairy Flower Earring Giveaway on Facebook!!!


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Honestly, since this is a brand new blog, I’m not sure how effective this will be, but if I reach at least one person, then thats good enough for me 🙂  I just wanted to let everyone know about my giveaway on facebook, in appreciation of my fans 🙂  The prize will be the winner’s choice of one of two pairs of fairy flower earrings, either short or long, as shown in the photo.  They will be shipped the earrings near the end of the week (seeing as how its New Year’s anyways 🙂  The drawing will conclude on Dec. 31st, and a winner will be announced, and messaged 🙂 To enter, just go to my facebook page, at, click the “Enter Giveaway” button, and answer a quick question, and thats it 🙂  Simple 🙂
I only ask that if you love my work, please share the giveaway on your wall and like it 🙂

Here are the photos of the earrings 🙂

Vintage Rose Fairy Flower Earrings Vintage Rose Fairy Flower Earrings-Shorter Style Vintage Rose Fairy Flower Earrings, Longer Style

Welcome to the NEW Shes-A-Belle Designs Blog!!!

It has been a long time in coming, but I figured that since I have a new website,, I should probably also have a new blog site as well.  I want to showcase new designs, new listings, future giveaways, upcoming show info, and occasionally, general stuff as well. 

For right now, since this is my first post, I just want to say welcome, and bear with me, sometimes I’m not as up to date as I should be, but since this is my off season now, hopefully I can keep up with the posting now . . .  We’ll see 🙂