Life Happens . . .

It's been a hot minute since the last time I posted, and it's not due to one thing in particular, but a series of random health issues mainly, combined with a very addicting old school RPG video game I came across for my phone. Nothing too serious health wise, but it has piled up over... Continue Reading →

Fairy Flower Jewelry: Cascade Earrings

Hello again!!! So for this week's spotlight, I decided to focus on my Cascade Earrings. This particular style is one of the earliest styles that I starting making, and sometimes, like with all things, it needs to be updated along the way. With a lot of my newer earnings over the past year, I’ve been... Continue Reading →

The Shes-A-Belle Story

I began making jewelry probably around my freshman year of high school, maybe even in the 8th grade. Nothing fancy, just beaded rings. After college, chandelier earrings started to become really popular, and I started making a lot of those to wear. Again, nothing too fancy. About a year and a half after my husband... Continue Reading →

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