Fairy Flower Jewelry: Trumpet Cascade Earrings

Hello!!! I was thinking about how I want to proceed with having another blog (let’s be honest, I lost track of it for a few years), and I think to start, I would like to showcase the different types of jewelry that I make, maybe a different style each post. I’m also planning on doing the same for cards when I get to that point.

Today though, let’s talk about my Trumpet Cascade Earrings. I have made this particular style for around 5 years now, and while I really love this earring, some people are a little intimidated, I think. What can I say? These particular earrings are long!!! That’s the first thing that always stands out to me, as a designer, and as my first customer.

I was at a show right before this last Christmas, and I was a little worried, no one was buying anything. Then a pair of these sold. And another. And another. Pretty soon I was down to 2 pairs left, and I had started out with 8. Good thing I had brought my beads, because I needed to restock, ASAP. I whipped out a bunch more and kept making more over Christmas break, so now I’ve got a lot more selection than I previously had.

They have a little bit of movement, with the stamen drops having some swing. After all, it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing, do-wah, do-wah, do-wah. . .

The flowers are still hand dyed, still over-painted, whatever look I’m trying to achieve. Picking out the bead cones is a little bit harder. Antique bronze? Antique Copper? Gunmetal? Antique Silver? What about patina? I usually have to play around with matching the finishes a bit more if it’s a newer color-way that I haven’t made many of yet.

Beads are the same way. Sometimes I like to add a little bit of unexpected contrast, i.e. pale beads with a darker earring. Hot pink beads with dark purple flowers (yes, I grew up in the ’80s, all hail Lisa Frank). Once in a while, and honestly, probably not enough, I use glass pearl beads, but I personally think those are suited best for certain romantic colorways. They don’t always work for everything. Do I love pearls? Yes, they are one of my birthstones. They just don’t always work with what I’m trying to achieve. Now for a few more photos and stay tuned for more. . .

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