Life Happens . . .

It’s been a hot minute since the last time I posted, and it’s not due to one thing in particular, but a series of random health issues mainly, combined with a very addicting old school RPG video game I came across for my phone.

Nothing too serious health wise, but it has piled up over the last month it seems, starting with my daughter’s possible concussion at school. She is fine, but we were worried because she got hit in the head at recess with a ball and had to get her early from school to get her checked out. Then she got the creeping crud plague and has been suck for about the past two weeks now. In that process, she has gotten both of us sick, and mine still hasn’t fully hit, its just been playing hide and seek it seems :/

I also decided to slip and fall at work on a snowy day and jacked my knee up a bit. I’m ok now but was sore for a few days, it seems I’m not as young as I still think I am 😦 I have also seemed to develop something known as trigger thumb. After sleeping for a prolonged amount of time my thumb freezes up and refuses to bend properly without quite a bit of pain. It’s like I have an overly tightened spring in my joint. I’m not sure if it’s carpal tunnel related as of yet, I have a doc appointment scheduled later this week.

Then for the last thing: the overly addicting video game. I started playing Another Eden recently on my phone and was instantly hooked. I am an old school SNES player, and anything Zelda, Breath of Fire, or Final Fantasy I love. This is a lot like Breath of Fire or Final Fantasy in style and story. As far as I know, I’m not close to beating it yet, and honestly I hope I’m not, I don’t want it to end yet 🙂 It’s pretty awesome, and I’ve been looking for a good mobile RPG for sometime, so I’m extremely happy and lucky to have come across this game on accident.

Anyway, that’s all the shenanigans that have happened over the past month. I’m working on some more jewelry spotlights and have a new design for earwraps that a lot of people have liked so far 🙂 More on those later 🙂 Cheers for now 🙂

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